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 Welcome to my website. I am a Scots-born writer now living and working in Hollywood. It's been a thrilling ride from Caledonia to California. On this site I hope to share the adventure with you. 

I wrote and co-produced the movie Evelyn starring Pierce Brosnan. I also wrote the first draft of Nacho Libre, in which Jack Black plays a monk seeking redemption by wrestling with Mexican midgets. Welcome to Hollywood.

Currently I am the Head of Television of Infinity Media, the company which produced the Oscar-winning film Capote. If you have a well-developed proposal for a TV show, please get in touch.

You can find out all about the company by clicking

I've just written a book, The Butler Did It, a memoir of my curious friendship with a serial killer. If you'd like to read the opening chapters please click on

Roy Fontaine, on the right, was one of the most remarkable figures in the annals of crime. He was a butler to the aristocracy. He took their jewels, and then he took their lives. He asked me to write his life story, then he threatened to kill me too.

The Butler Did It is hopefully unlike any True Crime book you've ever read. Let me know what you think by sending a comment to my blog.

Evelyn, starring Pierce Brosnan as an Irishman fighting to get his kids out of an orphanage, was a great pleasure to work on. It was directed by Bruce Beresford, the great Aussie director of Driving Miss Daisy, Tender Mercies and many other great films.

Bruce and I are curently collaborating on a film about the rags to riches story of Kathleen Ferrier, the working class girl who dreamed of being an opera singer whilst working as a telephonist for ten years.

She had her first opera lesson when she was thirty, and everyone said she was a fantasist. Four years later she was the most famous Diva on the planet. 

The Diva Next Door will go into production early next year.